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  • Eurovac is for deep sewer cleaning and large diameter pipes.
  • This unit has many usages – Jet cleaning at 2000 psi at 84 gallons per minute through 1” jetting hose.
  • Auxiliary hose ½” for washing down and jetting small diameters. For example – gully connections.
  • This unit can jet clean from 150mm diameter to 2000mm diameter on sewers.
  • The vacuum pump is a large air mover at 4700 cubic feet per minute, which can lift a large quantity of silt and debris.
  • This unit is used on deep pump stations, interceptors, large silt pits and surface water storage pipes.
  • All operatives are fully trained in confined spaces and carry CSCS cards.
Preston Drains Eurovac

Preston Drains Eurovac